Business Start-Up Packages


Business Start-Up Packages

Business Start-Up Package

Branding Consultation | Logo | Website | Product Delivery Strategies | Website Automation

This is a power packed service the will fully prepare your business for the marketplace.  There are a lot of details to get your business fully set up and ready to showcase to and receive clients. Often times, having qualified manpower is can be a trying hurdle for a small business or venture. Not anymore.

We have developed package that will empower you to put your technical work into qualified hands.  We will work within our areas of expertise to provide you with top quality products that help bring about your goals faster. 

This package includes:

  • Full service branding with consultations
  • Logo with two alternate logos
  • WordPress website or E-Commerce website
  • Social media strategy session and coaching
  • Business card design
  • Business Letterhead

Add-on Social Media Management

Branding Consultation | Logo | Website | Product Delivery Strategies | Website Automation

Open 24/7. E-Commerce is the wave of the present and the future.  Your online presence and sales capabilities give and edge. With a brand specific e-commerce website you convey your brand, services, products and keep an open door for your customers. It is where you will meet your clients and take them on a virtual tour through your business and services and process their desired products.

It must function to accomplish your business goals and work to accomplish your business’ needs.

We will create a beautiful mobile friendly brand specific website.  Your services will include:  

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • WordPress theme customization
  • E-Commerce configuration 

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